Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Point Juncture WA

Mama Auto Boss
Any band that gives a plug to the Independent Publishing Resource Center can not be all that bad in my book. The packaging itself is elegantly beautiful, done by the fine print shop Stumptown Printers. It features muted tones and complex folds.

I think I may have judged this band unfairly because of their name alone Point Juncture, WA. In my dyslexic mind I confused Point Juncture, WA (a fictional town?) with all the horrid hard core bands that hail from Vancouver, WA the town across the Columbia River. Not to worry they are nothing like their northern neighbors.

If they are like any band they are like the Hoboken, New Jersey homeboys and gal Yo La Tengo. The female lead singer at times sounds eerily like Georgia Hubley. Both bands share a penchant for long droning songs with organs. At other times she has the same scratchy vocals as the drummer from one of my guilty pleasures, Sleepyhead; particularly on the third song “Cardboard Box,” the strongest song on the disc.

The record starts to move at a glacially slow rate on “Auto Pilot”. The next couple of songs share the same pace. The record is saved by the song “Chlorine,” a song with building rhythms and a pulsing guitar line.

Over all, I think this record is a great first effort. My only complaint is one of pacing, not quality of material. I look forward to future releases. (Lucky Madison) (Dan Cohoon)