Sunday, December 18, 2005


This hand painted black CD-R comes in a hand painted blue box lying in a bed of black feathers. The combination of creepiness and hand crafted preciousness of the package perfectly match the music on the disc. Moodring features Mae Starr & Mini-Wagonwheel (of Rollerball fame). On this disc Mini & Mae explore the deepest darkest basements and the creakiest attics of their sonic palette. The sound is more stripped down and mournful than a normal Rollerball outing.

All the song titles are dates. Since the dates were not included in the packaging, I will refer to the track number to avoid confusion. The disc opens with a piece featuring Mae’s altered vocals; these alterations make her normally beautiful voice sound like a sick chipmunk (in a totally good way). She seems to be channeling her inner Kim Gordon (in her scat singing mode). The second track features Mae’s unadulterated vocal with a thudding percussion and a keyboard squealing and growling.

The fifth track is features Mae’s great vocals and piano along with Mini’s sputtering drumming and percussion. It reminds me of the really claustrophobic songs of Peter Jefferies. I think my favorite track off the album is track six. It features a great chirping/ burping sample, a nice trashy lo-fi drum machine combined with real drumming.

Overall, this disc is not easy listening music. It challenges one’s expectations. This dense, home made, hand crafted music is like finding a dead bird on the sidewalk. It is disturbing and beautiful at the same time. (Nilla Cat) (Dan Cohoon)