Friday, April 22, 2005

Mary Timony

Ex Hex
We are now out of the enchanted forests of the last couple of records and have re-entered the real world. Well as real as it gets with Mary Timony at the helm. This album might be Mary’s comedy record. “On the floor” is a hilarious song about a loser neighbor who is passed out in the hallway. If it is the same drunk who crashed the party on the last record, I would, like, totally move. “Friend to JC” is another funny song dealing with degenerate louts. The chorus sounds like Polvo circa Welcome to the New Dark Age. This must be some form of inside joke.

This album is the most Rocking we have seen from Mary since her Helium days. Unlike the last album, this record is very stripped down (just guitar, bass, drums and minimal keyboard on some songs). My only complaint about the record is at some spots it gets a little too wanky. This is a minor complaint and it’s more about my personal taste than anything else. “In the Grass" could have been off The Golden Dove. It features a great minimal drum machine beat, along with sparkling keyboards. It features the excellent line, “I was on the bus trying to get off, jamming to the Fat Boyz when I was lost." Any song that gives props to my favorite rap group, the Fat Boyz, is all good in my book.

After over ten years of being a fan of Mary Timony she still has the ability to surprise me. This record once again takes another left turn from her previous work. She has left the strings and the enchanted forest behind and has a created a more tightly rocking unit. (Look Out Records) (Dan Cohoon)