Sunday, December 18, 2005


Hot Dog/ And a Coke (EP)
The mini CD-R I feel is the seven inch of the 21st century. It is slightly longer than a seven inch so musicians can really stretch their legs, but compact enough so the artist can’t be overly indulgent. I don’t think that this would be a problem with Wormfinger.

Wormfinger features Steve Gillian on drums, Monte Allen on bass and Mae Starr on vocals and guitar. The music of Wormfinger would be very comfortable toking up on the same couch next to Bardo Pond or any of their Deep Heaven/ Terrastock brethren. Mae Starr’s vocals are the real star of this EP. Her other worldly banshee wails seem to reach out into the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Gilliani and Allen’s percussion and bass provides the solid foundation for Mae’s guitar and vocal workouts. If stony/ droney is your bag you will definitely dig this shit.
(Nilla Cat) (Dan Cohoon)