Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Aortica Mor
When I lived in Portland I always heard good things about this band. Unfortunately I never got around to checking them out. After a few spins of this disc I wished I had. This music is low-key sunny music with an up beat feel. The vocals have the same relaxed feel of former fellow Portlander Jeff London. This record is a summer record well suited for backyard bbq'ing and badminton.

thebrotheregg use both folky and stringed instrumentation to create sweet mellow psychedelic tinged pop. I think my favorite track is “Mercury Retrograde.” The song features great horns, strings and a rolling drum beat. The song also features the wonderful backing vocals of Kaitlyn Ni Donovan. Since I am not up on my astrology I have no idea what, “Mercury Retrograde will always break down your Machinery,” means exactly.

The press sheet talks about a lo-fi sensibility which confuses me. Everything on this record is recorded beautifully. Maybe they are talking about a D.I.Y. aesthetic. These home grown nuggets suffer not at all from flaws in the production on this fine disc. (Bingo Lady Records) (Dan Cohoon)