Thursday, April 14, 2005


Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (L.A.’s Desert Origins)
It is kind of sad when records from when one was in high school are reissued. The early 1990s were heady times. Everyone thought that Indy-rock was going to blow-up big just like grunge (well okay maybe it was just me). I had the surreal experience of hearing one of the jocks singing “Cut Your Hair” in gym class.

This re-issue is beautifully packaged. It is a double disc with tons of extras and demos. It also comes with a nice thick booklet. It has tons of pictures, song lyrics, SM and Spiral Staircase reminiscing about recording the album & other ephemerae. The first disc contains the original Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in order. What can be said about this record that hasn’t been said a billion times? This record has aged surprisingly well. I don’t think I gave Pavement’s as much credit as they deserved back in the day.

Besides all the “hits” of the original, the bonus songs are utterly hilarious and brilliant. “Haunt You Down,” is love song to the Mary Jane: “God bless that spleef in my mouth or should I say Jah baby?” The track features a low key guitar and a great keyboard sound. Pavement members were at their best when they were at their loosest. The best songs on were when they were just fucking around. “Ell Ess Two” is probably my favorite Pavement song. The version on the second disc is amazing--the way the song falls apart is what makes it great.
(matador) (Dan Cohoon)